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VirtuaGirl is one of the most innovative and unique adult products on the Internet today. Promoting VirtuaGirl is really worth trying. It has already generated millions of dollars for webmaster and has registered more than 150 million users since its debut in 1998.

The idea is simple: Give away a good product for free, and then charge users a small fee to upgrade to a bigger, better, flashier, more explicit version. More than 150 million copies of the VirtuaGirl software have been downloaded to date and a thriving community of fan sites has sprung up internationally.

"We give the software for free, with 15 girls to start and then a new one every day, but they don't fully undress," CEO Richard Excoffier explains. "Then we tease the guy every day with our software on his desktop. People can buy girls for as low as $1 and end up spending way way more.

The product not only attracts surfers who adore the strippers on their desktops and appreciate the software's freedom from spyware and adware, but also for the quality of the rest of the site's content in the form of photo and video galleries and "making of" reports.

The daily statistics of our top 100 affiliates are available in the TOP100 section of, we are one of the only sponsors out there who dares to publish that kind of information.

"We've found that a product like this can convert almost any traffic," he continues. "Due to its unique nature, our strippers on desktops don't take away from other deals working well for Webmasters on their sites. VirtuaGirl will make them money on top of what they're already making. It's extra cash, and there's lots of it to be made."

Small animated VirtuaGirl banners on the right or left side of a site's homepage perform the best. Traffic oriented on 'strippers' or 'desktop entertainment' converts especially well with this kind of product.

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